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Vintage Men's Howard Pocket Watches

In this section, you will find a nice selection of vintage Howard pocket watches that are typically considered gent's size, although in many cases would also be appropriate for a woman to carry. The E. Howard & Co. watch business was founded in 1858 in Boston, Massachusetts and produced watches until 1903. This early company was distinctive for early high grade watches, many innovations in watch construction, and their unique sizing system for their movements, which were marked as "E. Howard & Co." In 1902, the Edward Howard name was purchased by the Keystone Watch Case Company, and the resulting Howard watches from this new era were then marked as "E. Howard Watch Co." These later Howard watches are often referred to as "Keystone Howards."

As an additional resource, we've posted a Serial Number Production List which includes information for E. Howard serial numbers and dates of manufacture.

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