We are always expanding our reference section in order to help you learn more about these historical timepieces and accessories. Here, you will find links to some of our more frequented pages.

  • "How To Use" Guides - Winding, setting, and opening instructions for the multiple types of watches you may encounter.
  • "How To Wear" Guides - Suggested wearing styles and historical information about the multiple types of watch chains you may encounter.
  • Serial Number Production List - A basic overview of the serial number production dates for the more prolific American watch companies.
  • Pocket Watch Sizing Chart - A numerical and graphical chart of the different sizes of watches you will find on our site, plus a table of pocket watch chain weight classes.
  • Abbreviations & Glossary - A comprehensive list of the terms and abbreviations you will find used here on the PM Time Service web site.
  • External Reference Links - Links to multiple horology (watch) related web sites.