Following are a collection of links and reference documents that may be of interest or help to anyone curious about watches, their use, and their history. We hope to expand this section in the future with more information that is fun and useful to the watch collector. If you have suggestions for content, please feel free to let us know!

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    • ElginTime Watch Blog - An online journal, written by Jeff Sexton, detailing the process of vintage Elgin (and other manufacturers) watch repair and restoration.
    • Elgin "The House of Wonders" Video - A 23-minute vintage silent film from the Elgin Watch Company showing the inner workings of their watch factory. A fascinating in-depth look at the process, craftsmanship, and machinery used to manufacture watches in 1931.
    • Gruen Watch Company History - An excellent and comprehensive history of Gruen, written by Paul Schliesser.
    • Hamilton Watch Restoration - An online journal, written by "Handy" Dan Keefe, containing information and photos regarding vintage Hamilton watch repair and restoration.
    • Hamilton "How A Watch Works" Video - A 19-minute vintage film from the Hamilton Watch Company explaining the inner workings of a mechanical watch. Includes a helpful display of a large-scale model of the gear train.
    • Hamilton "What Makes A Fine Watch Fine" Video - A 20-minute vintage film from the Hamilton Watch Company showing their process of watchmaking.
    • Omega's "A Journey With Time" Video - A short (4-minute) film, produced by Omega, detailing the company's history with timing duties at the Olympic Games, as well as their current technological and logistical involvement.
    • Patek Philippe Museum Video - A quick (6-minute) tour, hosted by Sotheby's, of the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. Featured are some extraordinary timepieces and some interesting facts on the history of the company.
    • "Timepiece" Video - A thoughtful (10-minute) discussion on independent watchmaking & the craft associated with horology, featuring some good watch shots and great quotes from the watchmakers (Philippe Dufour & Vianney Halter).
    • "A Matter of Timing" - An interesting one-page article on the subject of pocket watches from The Denver Post (07/11/76), by J. Norman McKenzie.