Vintage Men's Ball Pocket Watches

In this section, you will find a nice selection of vintage Ball pocket watches that are typically considered gent's size, although in many cases would also be appropriate for a woman to carry. The Ball Watch Company, out of Cleveland, Ohio, was founded in 1879, but it was after a tragic train collision in 1891 (due to what is believed to have been a problem with one engineer's watch not keeping accurate time) that the company began the task of standardizing what we now term Railroad Grade Watches.

In 1893, Ball sold their first watches; however, it is an interesting note to this company that they never manufactured a watch, but rather had specific timing and design guidelines for watches that were then produced by the following other companies: Aurora, Elgin, Hamilton, Hampden, N.Y. Watch, E. Howard, Illinois, Seth Thomas & Waltham. The Ball company continued to sell Ball Model watches until 1969, and was also a driving factor in helping to standardize timing specifications across North America as technologies improved.

For additional reference, we've posted a Serial Number Production List which includes information for Ball serial numbers and dates of manufacture.

The NAWCC also has a comprehensive article about the company; additional information may also be found on Wikipedia.

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