Vintage Pocket Watch Chain Fobs - Yellow Gold Filled, White Gold Filled & Other Metals

In this section, you will find vintage decorative fobs that are made of materials other than gold or silver; examples include, but are not limited to, stainless steel, brass, pewter, yellow-gold-filled (YGF), and white-gold-filled (WGF) material.

These fobs may be attached to a pocket watch chain, lapel pin, key chain or any other item you would like to customize with an accessory. Each fob will be provided with appropriate connector jump ring, or if you would like us to attach the fob to your item, we can do so at no charge. Also, many of the decorative fobs you find on our chains we are able to sell separate or place on a different chain; please ask us for more details if you're interested.

For further information, examples, photos, and notes on how to wear our various styles of watches and watch accessories, please visit our How-To-Wear Guide.

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