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Seasonally Featured Products
  • For various seasons and holidays throughout the year, we will be showcasing a particular segment of our product catalog; most items in each group will be 10% off their regular price.
  • To celebrate the Spring Season, from March 18th, 2017 through April 25th, 2017, we will be featuring modern items from our Watch Accessories category.  To view all of these discounted items together, visit our Monthly Sales Items page.
  • This discount can also be combined with our 15% discount when you buy any three (or more) of these items in one order (details of this offer may be found further down this page).  Take advantage of these two promotions in concert this Spring season and save on accessories for others or yourself!
  • Exclusions to the discounted featured products include New Items (which will be indicated by the "NEW" icon) and items already on clearance.
Monthly eBay Discounts
  • Every month, we'll be discounting a number of our current products, and offering them them on our eBay Store, with auctions starting on the first Monday of each month.
  • Our May listings will run a bit later than usual; please check back May 15th, 2017, for the next set of sales!
Chain and Locket Sale
  • Reduced prices on these fine new chains and locket necklaces!
  • Many discontinued styles and overstocks are being cleared out; take advantage of some great prices!
  • Browse all our chains and lockets On Sale!
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