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About Us:

Our business, started in the 1960's by Paul & Gail Zuercher, has worked steadily to provide our customers with vintage and antique pocket and wrist watches. Today, Catherine Zuercher carries on the 2nd generation of service and is delighted to work with our new and returning customers to place these fine old timekeepers with new owners!

When Paul started the business, everything was done locally. Although most of the American watch companies had gone out of business by then, the watches were much more prolific than we see today and he found work buying and selling watches to and from collectors. As the years went by, and he made more contacts via the NAWCC watch shows around the nation, he expanded the small business to include mail orders. The business steadily grew over the next 25 years until after returning from college, his daughter Catherine helped to open up a new avenue of sales via the Internet.

Our web site, which has seen quite a few changes over the years, was first presented online in the Spring of 1998, and today will see about 2,500 new and returning visitors per month. We have also been an active member of the eBay community since 1998. We are pleased to have maintained a 100% satisfaction rating from eBay members, and encourage you to look through the feedback we have received to get an idea of the service we offer.
All of our listings may be viewed at our eBay Store.

In addition to our online presence, Catherine is currently an active member of the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors (NAWCC), an established organization dedicated to the research and furtherance of horology-related activities and studies. Her membership number can be provided upon request.

In keeping with the family tradition, Catherine's uncle, Ed Johnson of Greeley, is our primary watchmaker, doing a large portion of the complicated repair work for the business. And, while still "in training" to one day take over all aspects of the watch repair services, the newest member of the family, William Ferguson, has been training with Ed and now does all of our cleaning, service and basic repair projects. We are also happy to include a member of our extended family, Michael Fisher, to the team; Michael has taken over the bulk of maintaining our online presence.

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PM Time Service
PO Box 1102
Westminster, CO

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