Hanhart 35mm 17J cal. 40 one pusher chronograph, WBM round 2-piece WR case, sleeve-style case

Hanhart 35mm 17J cal. 40 one pusher chronograph, WBM round 2-piece WR case, sleeve-style case

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Hanhart 35mm 17J cal. 40 one pusher chronograph, case #2504, impressive nickel bridge plate vintage mechanical manual-wind movement with elaborate complication plates, gold-flashed center wheel and chronograph train and and a simple brushed finish on most lower plate segments, jet black metal dial with luminous Arabic numbers, white 5 minute markers with 1/5 second hash marks, white-marked subsidiary seconds register at 9 o'clock and a white-marked subsidiary timer register at 3 o'clock, the luminous material of the numbers does have some yellowing from age and no longer retains the light reflective properties otherwise the dial is free from defects or scratches, silver steel spade & whip style skeletonized hands with luminous inserts and white steel chronograph sweep and register hands, the luminous inserts on the hands are also yellowed slightly, no longer holding light and a few of the small segments are missing, the chronograph hand does tick to each of the 1/5 second hashes and can display and be stopped at each for a very precise time-measuring reading.

Heavy white base metal (WBM) round two-piece water-resistant screw-back case with a tapered bezel supporting a slightly domed glass crystal, tapered extended lugs, heavy crown with nickel chronograph depress button at 2 o'clock and a recessed case back design that supports a gasket, with the solid top frame and bezel and the recessed case back, this creates a very water resistant design, case is marked "Wassergeschutzt Stossfest 2504" (translated: "Water resistant Shockproof 2504"). Please note that we have only screwed the back down to finger tight as we do not have a proper case wrench to fit the back to full seat safely with no scratching.

Case is showing normal moderate wear overall with some short but notable scratches on the bezel and back, light scuffs on the crystal, a ring of brass starting to show on the crown and chronograph depress and some various spots of discoloration on the lugs and back, measures approx. 41mm in diameter x 50mm lug to lug x 14mm thick (crystal included), black canvas extra-long band with a simple WBM buckle does allow for the watch to be worn either directly on the wrist or over a shirt or lightweight jacket.

This watch also comes with a dark brown leather sleeve-style carrying case with gold trim. We believe this to be from one of the early runs of the legendary German WWII-era Hanhart pilot's watches, circa 1939-1940, however you may wish to consult an expert on the brand as, without a movement serial number, our documentation research for the early watch runs for this type was sparse. This is a very high quality precision watch from the late 1930s or early 1940s, keeping time extremely well and with the chronograph function running as expected with no notable lags or hang-ups in the sweep, stop or return, in excellent overall condition!

Please note: for this particular item, due to U.S. export limitations, we can only ship to domestic U.S. addresses.
  • Year Made: 1939-1940
  • Company: Hanhart
  • Movement Size: 4135mm
  • Jewels: 1117J
  • Setting/Movement Type: manual-wind
  • Model/Grade: cal. 40
  • Serial #: (case) #2504
  • Movement Finish: nickel
  • Movement Details: chronograph function, bridge layout, gold center wheel, gold chronograph train
  • Dial Material: metal
  • Dial Color: black
  • Dial Details: luminous numbers
  • Hand Style: skeletonized - luminous, spade & whip, sweep chronograph hand
  • Case Style: round
  • Case Material: Base Metal - Silver/White
  • Case Details: water resistant (WR)
  • Case Width, without crown: 41mm (1.61 inches)
  • Case Length, lug to lug:  50mm (1.97 inches)
  • Case Thickness:  14mm (0.55 inches)
  • Interior Lug Width:  20mm (25/32")
  • Band Size: 8in. to 8.99in.
    (measurement range includes watch length & band)
  • Band Material: nylon/canvas strap
  • Crystal Material: glass
  • Box Info: brown leather sleeve with gold trim
  • Misc. Info: Hanhart (wikipedia), Hanhart (brand website)
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Gender: Gentlemen's
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