Roskopf 48mm 4J pin set (PS) pocket watch #30353, impressive bar-style gilt movement with steel winding wheels and an unusual winding arbor bridge, porcelain enamel dial with bold Roman numerals and black Arabic 5 minute markers is marked "Roskopf Patent" and has some faint hairlines, fancy gold steel Louis XIV hands, heavy smooth polish white base metal (WBM) hinge back (HB) Roskopf case with the pin-set button at 11 o'clock, recessed hinge, sloped bezels, large heavy bow and a brass accent ring around the crystal lip, case has an interior glass-crystal dust cover over the movement to view it safely when the back cover is open, case is showing normal even wear overall with some thin lines of discoloration from wear on the frame and bezel edges along with some discoloration on the interior-back case, measures approx. 57mm in diameter x 79mm in length x 18mm thick (crystal included). A heavy and impressive triple signed watch from the 1880s in excellent overall condition!

Item Specifics:

  • Year Made: 1880s
  • Company: Roskopf
  • Movement Size: 2748mm
  • Jewels: 244J
  • Setting/Movement Type: pin set
  • Serial #: 30353
  • Movement Finish: gilt
  • Movement Details: bar-style layout, fancy plate layout
  • Dial Material: porcelain enamel
  • Dial Details: marked "Roskopf Patent"
  • Hand Style: Louis XIV
  • Case Style: HB
  • Case Material: Base Metal - Silver/White
  • Case Details: Roskopf stamped, display dust cover
  • Case Width/Diameter: 57mm (2.24 inches)
  • Case Length, bow included: 79mm (3.11 inches)
  • Case Thickness: 18mm (0.71 inches)
  • Crystal Material: plastic
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Gender: Gentlemen's