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Pocket Watch Sizing Chart

Here are numeric and graphic representations of the different sizes of watches you will commonly find. Please keep in mind that the size is taken off of the dial or movement, not the case. A 16S watch in a large case can look very similar to an 18S in a small one...

Numerical Measurements:

Size Movement
(in inches)
(in millimeters)
20S 1.833 46.56
18S 1.766 44.86
16S 1.700 43.18
14S 1.633 41.48
12S 1.566 39.78
10S 1.500 38.10
8S 1.433 36.40
6S 1.366 34.70
0S 1.166 29.62
3-OS 1.100 27.94
6-OS 1.000 25.40

Graphical Representation:

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