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Gold-toned dual-flag US Army watch chain fob
PM Time Code: smfob070
    Full Description:
    Dual-flag gold-toned base metal US Army fob, one US flag, the other flag with green enamel background and gold Army logo.
    This is a quality base metal shield fob styled after traditional, vintage watch fobs, and is accented with well done colored enamel work (where featured). We have chosen to supply this fob to accent our full line of pocket watch chains, however this style would also be appropriate as a charm on a lanyard or zip-pull, as a necklace pendant, or as a decorative focal piece on your DIY jewelry project. Due to how some of our small fob pieces are crafted, a few of the styles we carry have a small spot of solder on the back. Please contact us directly to inquire if the style(s) you are interested in have a solder mark or are a continuous piece.
    We offer this item as a stand-alone decorative fob however we can also provide a multitude of finishing options. See the "array" photo above for our popular finishing options.
    • Leather Strap (w/ bar) - fob is attached, via a base-metal bar-style connector, to a 1/2" wide sturdy leather strap, measuring approx. 90mm (3 1/2") in length, offered in brown or black leather, with a silver-toned or gold-toned buckle.  Add your desired leather strap to your order from this page.   To use the fob with a pocket watch, you unbuckle and thread the top of the leather strap through the watch bow then re-buckle the strap.  You can then put the watch into your pocket and the decorative plate will hang outside, enabling quick access to retrieving the watch to tell the time.  These can also be used solely as a decorative piece as well by threading your belt through the leather strap and letting the fob display off.
    • 8" Albert-style pocket watch chain - (shown in photo) fob is attached to the drop of an 8" medium weight, quality Sterling silver plate, 24k gold plate, or Hematite black plate pocket watch chain.  Add your desired chain configuration to your order from this page.  The 6mm links on this chain are a flat, interconnecting style with a slight bevel to each link and are finished with a very high grade .925 solid silver plating, a 24k solid gold plating (both very close to a gold filled quality), or a Hematite black (black with a lustrous tone) plating, with a thin sealant to prevent tarnishing.  All feature high quality materials we're proud to carry due to their overall appearance and durability.  The Albert style of these chains feature a spring ring finding, plus a drop and a heavy swivel with secure interior latch to secure to the bow of your watch.  1.5" drop chain is ideal for attaching the fob and is finished with a small spring ring to facilitate easy addition and removal of fobs.
    • Key Chain - fob is attached via a sturdy connector ring to 1 of 3 styles of key chain; figure-8, latch ring or split ring.  Add your desired key chain to your order from this page.
    Our fob sets are assembled in the USA, at the PM Time Service office in Westminster, Colorado, to your chosen specifications, ensuring you will receive a high quality pocket watch or key chain accessory you will not find anywhere else.
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    For more information, examples, and photos explaining how to wear our various leather strap watch fobs, visit our following
    "How To Wear" Guide.