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Swiss 55mm 30J+ HCM minute repeater moon phases chronograph with calendar pocket watch, WBM case
PM Time Code: m_HP469
    Previous Price: $5500.00
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    Note: this item is for sale AS IS.
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    Item Specifics:
    Full Description:
    Swiss 55mm 30J+ HCM minute repeater moon phases chronograph with calendar pocket watch, impressive nickel complicated movement with bold red ruby jewels, mint single sunk porcelain enamel dial with roman numerals and Arabic 5 minute markers, outer seconds register for chronograph, aperture at 12 for month, at 3 for day of the month, at 6 for both the seconds and moon phases, at 9 for day of the week, blue steel hands and chronograph sweep, heavy white base metal (WBM) smooth polish custom fit display case with coin edge bezel on back, gold crown and oversized bow. A nice job on the re-casing of this hard to fit, complicated watch, especially with being able to view the movement. Repeater, moon phases, chronograph and time are all working as they should and running strong, the repeater chime is loud and pleasing to hear.

    Unfortunately, one of the gears that is a part of the calendar chain is significantly worn and loose, when the watch is turned face down, it will shift slightly out of position and prevent the calendar from advancing properly. When the gear is properly set, the calendar advances perfectly as it should, however we are unable to find a suitable replacement part for it and are selling the watch as-is. High grade watch in excellent condition!

    Wish to see the chronograph and repeater functions in action?  Take a look at this YouTube video that demonstrates these complications in use.

    Please note: for this particular watch, we offer U.S. domestic shipping only, via USPS registered service with full insurance.
    All items in our Mechanic's Special section are watches that we consider to have serious cosmetic or mechanical problems that are currently cost prohibitive to repair in-house, but are of a high enough quality that they may be of interest as a repair project for some of our customers.  In each full description, we attempt to note any flaws or problems with the watch as, in many cases, these problems do result in the watch not running, winding, or setting properly as is.

    With that in mind, we do not offer our standard 10-day return on any Mechanic's Special items.
    On these items, all sales are AS IS and FINAL.
    For more information, examples, and photos explaining how to wear our various vintage watches, visit our following
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