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Elgin 18S 15J LS HCM adj. B.W. Raymond #4553069 pocket watch, heavy WBM SB&B case, Ford logo
PM Time Code: PM1980
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    Item Specifics:
    • Gender: Gentlemen's
    • Year Made: 1891/92
    • Condition: Excellent
    • Company: Elgin
    • Size: 18S
    • Jewels: 15J
    • Setting: lever
    • Adjustments: 1-3 positions
    • Model/Grade: B.W. Raymond
    • Serial #: 4553069
    • Movement Finish: gilt
    • Movement Details: HCM
    • Dial Material: porcelain enamel
    • Dial Details: Ford advertising
    • Case Style: SB&B
    • Case Material: Base Metal - Silver/White
    • Case Diameter: 2in. to 2.49in. diameter/width
    • Crystal Material: plastic
    • Misc. Info: re-cased
    Full Description:
    Elgin 18S 15J lever set (LS) hunting case movement (HCM) adj. B.W. Raymond #4553069 pocket watch, attractive gilt full plate movement with screw down jewel settings and engraved balance bridge, handsome porcelain enamel dial with roman numerals and subsidiary seconds has some very faint hairlines (not distracting), black Ford oval on upper half, blue steel fleur de lis style hands, re-cased into a heavy white base metal (WBM) screw back & bezel (SB&B) smooth polish "turnip style" case with lightly worn coin edge bezels, thick glass crystal and heavy bow, case has some light scratches and stippling, measures approx. 56mm in diameter x 20mm thick (crystal included). A high grade early Ford advertising watch in excellent condition throughout!
    A note on the advertising logos:
    On all but a few of the logos (mainly Packard from the Hamilton company and Studebaker from South Bend), the emblems would have been commissioned through a professional dial company after they left the watch factory to have the logo applied. For instance, a car dealership might have them added as a promotion; a motorcycle club would have ones done for each of their members, etc. In some cases, you will find a watch/logo combination that would have an earlier manufacture date for the watch than what you could have for the automotive company. In those cases we believe that what would likely have happened was that a club member would have provided their own watch to which the emblems would have be added.
    While some dial refinishing companies today still will add a logo to a dial, we can assure our customers that we do not make use of those services to add automobile logos to our vintage watch dials, with the exception of the Masonic emblems (please contact us directly if you have questions on the age of a specific Masonic watch dial). In most cases, the vintage advertising watch dials we have were purchased between the 1960's and early 1990's by our founder, Paul Zuercher, and have been in storage until we processed the watch for sale. And, while we will not add a new automobile logo to an existing dial, if you do see a watch you are interested in but are NOT interested in the advertising logo, drop us a note! We have many unadorned pocket watch dials in stock, and in the case of wrist watch dials, we can give you a quote on refinishing the dial as original or with a wide selection of colors and finishes.
    For more information, examples, and photos explaining how to wear our various vintage watches, visit our following
    "How To Wear" Guide.