12.5" mixed link YGF Albert style pocket watch chain, YGF & bloodstone barometer & temperature fob

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12.5" mixed link YGF Albert style pocket watch chain, YGF & bloodstone barometer & temperature fob
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Distinctive 12.5" mixed link yellow gold filled (YGF) Albert style pocket watch chain with a YGF & bloodstone barometer & temperature gauge fob, medium oval curb-style links with a slightly beveled finish are interspaced with 2 segments of small oval flat links finished with smooth polish barrel finals to create an interesting pattern to the main length of chain, finished on one end with a heavy large YGF swivel, large center ring connector, heavy oval links create a short chain to the heavy classic-style t-bar with swivel center detail, medium oval curb-style links matching the main chain create the short fob drop arm connecting to the fob.

Round YGF smooth polish bezel fob is finished with a heavy beaded frame, one side of the fob is set with a large round piece of polished green with red flecked bloodstone, other side of the fob has a thick glass crystal over the temperature and barometer meters with blue steel hands.  Chain links and findings are showing normal moderate wear, fob is in excellent shape however the glass crystal is cloudy from age, we can't find a way to safely replace it but it may be possible for a jeweler to buff the glass safely back to clear, fob measures approx. 24mm wide x 28mm tall.  A very handsome vintage pocket watch chain and fob set in excellent condition!
  • Material: Gold Filled - Yellow
  • Chain Style: Albert, Decorative Fob
  • Primary Finding: t-bar
  • Chain Length: 318mm (12.52 inches)
  • Fob Width: 24mm (0.94 inches)
  • Fob Height: 28mm (1.10 inches)
  • Fob Thickness: 9mm (0.35 inches)
  • Chain Link Size: 3x3mm (small links), 5x6mm (oval links)
  • Age Description: antique
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Gender: Gentlemen's
For historical information, photo examples, and suggested wearing styles for our pocket watch chains, please visit our "How To Wear" Guide.
Our example photos show our items against a backdrop created from a men's medium-sized vest.  Depending on the style you are looking to create with your chain, we offer that for someone with a slender build or short to average height, you can expect the shown item to hang off your person similar to the photo.  If you have a larger build or are taller than average, please note the chain will hang differently off your person than shown.

As a rule of thumb, on an average-build male, we suggest straight or Albert style chains 10" or shorter for heights under 5'8", 10" to 14" for heights 5'8" to 6'2" and 14" or longer for heights over 6'2".  For Double Albert chain styles, we suggest 20" or shorter for heights under 5'8", 18" to 30" for heights 5'8" to 6'2" and 24" or longer for heights over 6'2".
Please note: this pocket watch chain and fob combination is a matched set; however, we may offer the option of purchasing the chain or fob separately; if so, the drop-down menu above gives individual prices and allows you to select your desired choice or combination.

For additional information on gold colors and how they are classified, please check out this helpful Wikipedia article.

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