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Modern Pocket Watch Chain Fobs

Select items in this group are on sale for our Holiday Season Featured Products promotion!  From November 24th through December 30th, 2017, we are offering 10% off in-stock products in this group (tagged below with a red "SALE" flag).  Please see our Sales page for full details, or browse our Monthly Sales Items category to view all of the discounted items together.  Additionally, this sale may be combined with our multiple-item discount, where you get 15% off any three (or more) of these modern accessories.

In this section, you will find a nice selection of high quality modern (new) decorative fobs to attach to a pocket watch chain, lapel pin, key chain or any other item you would like to customize with an accessory.

For further information, examples, photos, and notes on how to wear our various styles of watches and watch accessories, please visit our How-To-Wear Guide.

You can narrow your search by going to one of the following sections, or browse all of our modern pocket watch chain fobs further below...