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Vintage Mens Pocket Watches

In this section you will find our collection of men's vintage pocket watches. Although typically considered gent's size, in many cases these watches are also appropriate for a woman to carry. This category is further broken down by make of watch, with a separate section for each of the major American-make companies for which we have a large quantity in stock, while all others, including European-make watches, are listed in the 'Other' section and divided alphabetically.

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Howard 12S 19J adj 5p series 6 #1230337 pocket watch, YGF Howard HB&B case



PM1560 - This item is currently for sale at our Etsy Store.

Howard 16S 21J LS adj. 5p Series 11 RR Chronometer pocket watch #1262321, Howard YGF swing out case



PM2727 - This item will be on our eBay Store 11/13 to 11/20. Please check back!